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Welcome to sindikatbola is an elite soccer tipping organization located in the Indonesia. Our team consist of full-time professional analysts with over fifteen years of experience in the soccer betting industry.

Successful soccer betting tips depends on several factors:

statistical analysis, situational trends, motivational & psychological factors, team news, injuries, suspensions, roster changes and recent forms.

What if we put all these factors together with the information we collect from our ASIA match fixing syndicates? With the abilities to see through early market odds and inside information, our team will have a very strong edge, and thus, we are able to produce consistent winning bets by exploiting that unfair edge. Our top quality soccer tips can help you beat your bookies in the long run.

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All our picks and analysis are monitored on a long term basis by an independent third party tipping verification authority - It took us 90 days of picks verification through their platform before being recognized as a verified service provider of the them. is an official monitored and verified tipping company published in, you are insured up to $20,000 by using our service through them.

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What is the guarantee of success in soccer betting picks?

Let’s be clear on our soccer betting picks. There are no tips for free trail or guarantee of 100% success. But it is certain that you would win bets in the long run. It is impossible to give 100% guarantee of success in football betting as there are many factors that come into play in deciding a match. We can’t see how injuries and suspensions can affect performance of a team. But we give free tips for unsuccessful tips. It shows that we are certain of our tips.

Soccer betting picks bettors can rely upon

We rely on our team of tipsters. Our team has professional analysts with more than a decade of experience in predicting football bets. They understand the factors that can tilt a match and they keep watching the matches to stay updated. We rely on past records of teams, performance of players, present condition of match and forms of players to arrive at a conclusion. Soccer betting picks are calculated after considering the factors and the calculation proves to be right most of the times. Our calculations are based on technical factors and not on hopes and blessings.

How much bettors pay to get soccer betting picks?

Just pay our fee and start getting tips in your registered email id. The tips would be sent to you through email. If you think that we are charging huge sum for tips then you should see others. See what others are offering and then compare our services with them. We provide tips calculated on technical factors like injuries, suspensions and roaster changes. We rely on stats and facts and not on beliefs. Our tips are expensive in comparison to others but the soccer betting picks; we provide can make you a winner while others will result in loss.

Why choose us for soccer betting picks?

If you don’t want to be a loser and an easy prey for shrewd bookmakers then you should take help in football betting. The tips will increase your betting experience and your profit as well. It is easy to win bets with the help of soccer betting picks and none other than us can give the best in football tips. Again we want to remind you that we don’t provide free tips and nor do we entertain request for discounts or any such facility.

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